The Top Four Best CBD Oils In 2018

CBD (Cannabidol) is one of the most important chemicals found in Marijuana leafs.

It is the reason why Cannabis has such a soothing effect on us, providing us with deep relief of all of your problems, worries and anxieties.

To some extent, it even helps us battle horrible diseases such as cancer, yet it is still looked down upon by many goverments that wish to promote the will of the pharamceutical companies that earn billions out of unsuspecting patients.

CBD oils are currently in sort of a grey area of law and you can easily obtain a license to use them when the time comes necessary but before doing that, you have to know which ones to use and which ones you should avoid, to get the most out of your purchase and to make your life on this planet a bit more bearable.

In this article, we will go over the top four best CBD oils you will find on the market currently, we will provide deep research and review to each and every one of them, so that you could make an educated decision based on the evidence presented.

1) Vape Bright Review


A very respected brand name, they pride themselves on delivering only 100% natural and organic hemp oil that contains absolutely no nicotine and uses sophisticated technology which we will talk about later on.

The price is also fair, being under a hundred dollars, it offers longetivity and instills confidence into customers, as this brand offers a full on money back guarantee, if you aren’t happy with the product you have been presented with!

My favorite thing about Vape Bright would have to be the fact that their company uses absolutely no additives and no other oils in their mixture, making the product as original as it possibly can be. This does make the oil susceptible to go rotten after a while but if you read the labels and make sure to follow all instructions in the tutorials, you will find yourself a happy customer!

The technology used behind Vape Bright is also something that I have yet to see other companies use, with Co2 extraction being used to put pressure on the container and therefore extract the oil under the best temperatures, this technique is fastly becoming the number one choice among customers!

Additionally, the colour reminds me of gold, which is nothing unusual when Co2 extraction is being used, another point for this company is the fact the oil ALWAYS has this exact same colour, as other colours may indicate that the extraction process hasn’t been done right and therefore, the oil could be of questionable quality.

When I was looking for CBD oil reviews for anxiety online, I saw no mention of this one so we will be the first ones to do so- This oil worked AMAZINGLY for anxiety and it even made me less stressed overall while I was at work dealing with angry customers that often think of themselves as disenfranchised.

Lastly, the oil itself is odorless so you won’t find anyone suspicious of the fact of what you are doing and why you are doing it. that’s your own choice and people should respect your privacy, even if they mostly don’t do it!

Coming with a cartridge and a container, it is easily stored for later use and the entire process is as easy as riding a bike!

My only complaint would be the taste- Their is none!

I like my oils to have a bit of flavor to them so I was quite disappointed to taste nothing once I tried to imbue it into my system.

All in all, Vape Bright has done their best to present us with a marvelous product and I believe that they have done an amazing job.

I feel my anxiety relived, my joints not aching as they usually do and my mood being much more positive and open for new experiences.

I have definaetly experienced bright changes for once and I feel my personality being positively influenced by this amazing piece of oil so I encourage anyone reading this to give Vape Bright a try- You surely won’t be left disappointed!

2) HempMeds CBD Oil


This one was quite the shocker for me as I usually expect to take the oil by puffing air in and out of my vape utility but this CBD oils comes into the form of pills which are to be taken orally, under the tongue so to speak!

There are three different colours present, each and every representative of the relative strength of the pill you are taken, with green being the mildest, blue being the middle man and gold being the one that hits you the strongest and makes your high a ten out of ten!

Because it is to be taken orally and because most of the oil goes to waste when being smoked, this CBD oil has gained the reputation of being among the stronger oils on the market!

The oil itself is placed on a syringe which is to be used in order to place the oil on your fingertips which will then be used to put it under your tongue so that you can get the full effects of the oil.

The taste isn’t anything we would want to eat but it isn’t horrendous either.

If you have some experience with hemp oils, you will not notice much difference but if you are new to the game, be sure to get yourself some water beforehand as the taste in nothing spectacular to be perfectly frank!

In terms of quality, you will be hardwired to find anything better than this as HempMeds does their best to test to oil extensively beforehand and they do so up to three times before they even let it go out in the market!

They are a bit new to the market, only operating since 2012 but they are the biggest manufacturer and curator of oil in the entire district of Mexico and if the Mexicans aren’t complaining, who are we to do so!

I have only used HempMeds CBD oil a few times as I was busy testing out all the others and I gotta say that their product really packs a punch!

It’s best not to be used if you have an important meeting or a job that has to be done, unless you got quite a resistance to the hemp itself as it will knock down even a bear!

Even though it is not advisable to use the oil while going out, it is the best CBD oil for pain relief that I have found and no other CBD oil review website has even mentioned a word about it.

It’s a damn shame, as this is a very powerful tool and product and in the right hands, much can be done to alleviate some of the common ills that befalls us as fragile human beings.

3) CBD Essence CBD Oil


This website had me in stitches when I first visited it as it brands their oil as a food!

That’s quite the funny way to avoid the law, while providing a product that could potentially save your life!

Because this type of CBD oil is grown into it’s natural habitat, it is both potent and pure, which the CBD Essence brand makes sure to brand itself on!

They use only two ingredients in their CBD oil and those are coconut oil and 100% CBD filled cannabis.

The colour of this oil is light green which indicates that no sort of process has been used during the making of the oil, giving massive points to the companies claims that their oil is 100% pure, unfiltered and natural!

Other companies don’t really like to mix their oil with any other product but this one is much more creative and versatile: They have been known to offer chocolate flavored oil to make the entire process of actually imbuing the oil into your body much lighter on your taste buds.

The smells also depends mostly on the product that has been used with the oil so if you buy a chocolate flavored one, it will coincidentally smell just like chocolate does, yummy!

I couldn’t recommend this oil enough as my grandma has successfully beaten cancer by using this CBD oil.
Even though it doesn’t brand itself on being able to cure cancer, it sure can’t be of any ill as my grandma was quite old and fragile as she started using it.

After a few days of daily use, I asked her how she felt like and she answered solemnly: ”Never have I felt better before, I feel like I’m sixty years younger.”

This means that if you are looking for a CBD oil for cancer treatment or any sort of reviews stemming out if it, you will be left disappointed as most sites are afraid of advocating such a thing but if I ever am befallen by such a horrible disease such as cancer, I will make sure to use CBD oil to treat me, even if it doesn’t heal me, it will help me go through the pain and hopefully, make my last days on earth as pleasurable as they can possibly be!

4) Aceso Beverage Powder


I never believed that the day would come where I would be able to drink my CBD oil but I was wrong: With the Aceso Beverage Powder even that feat becomes achievable!

The only thing that you have to do is to mix it with a glass of water and you are ready to go.

Two different colors accompany this sort of powder, orange and yellow with the orange one tasting, well, like oranges and the yellow one being a bit more bitter and reminding me of lemons!

They are packaged tightly and discreetly and with every package, you can get yourself thirty serving of this amazing CBD oil and what’s best is that the company offers YOU to contact THEM if anything goes wrong or if you are any way or sort dissatisfied with the product, and you can safely do so at

They also offer a full thirty day refund in case you are unhappy with the product delivered or if the product doesn’t match the description inside!

With that in mind, one can be confident enough to order as they know that they are getting one of the best CBD oils on the market.

Lastly, I want to mention that Aceso likes to brand itself as a legitimate business so you will only find them working nine to five on business days. (monday to friday, that is)

If you got any other questions that are in need of immediate attention, you can always use their live chat on their website, an answer is bound to ensue faster than you can count to ten!


No government, no regime and no human can go out there and forbid us from enjoying marijuana.

Whether or not you believe in a deity, you are bound to agree on the fact that CBD oils are a gift from God himself; Many would still anguish in pain as their pharmaceutical companies fail to provide them with the cure that they need in order to alleviate their worries.

The wind of time is changing and with that in mind, we can live rest assured that future generations will be able to enjoy the powerful and soothing effects that hemp has on our nervous system and personality but until then we must not let ourselves be swayed by government propaganda about how weed or CBD oil makes the user ‘unpredictable’ or ‘aggressive’.

These are all lies made to entrap us into their own web of lies, a web which will soon be broken and it already is starting to falter in some US states such as California and Washington.

Others are bound to follow on their footsteps but until then, enjoy your CBD oil and make sure to keep a positive outlook on life, just as hemp makes us more happy and better human beings!


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